The Best Time of Year: Family Friendly Musical

Moonlight Stage Company, 1304 Paddock Dr. Suite 103F, Raleigh, NC

All original Musical written by Carrie and her songwriting students at Moonlight Stage Company! When bad weather prohibits Mrs. Evans from getting home to her family by Christmas Eve, she places her eldest child, 13 year old Veronica Evans, in charge of the annual Holiday Party. Veronica Evans sees this as an opportunity to help her family and friends have the “perfect Christmas”. An idealist who also happens to wrestle with OCD, Veronica soon finds herself thwarted at every turn as her two younger sisters, Jane and Nellie, have very different ideas of what the perfect Christmas should look like! Hilarity ensues during the inevitable clash of wills as the three Evans’ sisters battle for control over how to pull off The Best Christmas Ever!