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 Carrie Marshall, an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, and classically trained pianist, has established herself as a versatile and captivating presence in the music world. Her artistic journey weaves through a tapestry of genres, including pop, singer/songwriter, jazz, blues, gospel, and country, with engaging stage presence and a connection with the audience which makes each performance intimate and memorable. With a penchant for infusing popular songs with a jazzy treatment, she brings a fresh  perspective to well-loved tunes, evoking a sense of nostalgia while showcasing her vocal prowess and emotional depth. 

Based in the vibrant music scene of the Carolinas and the Northeast, Carrie has performed at such notable events as the Democratic National Convention as well as several reputable theaters and jazz clubs across the Carolinas. She was voted Top Charlotte Vocalist and has won several songwriting awards over the years. In addition to her music, Carrie is an actress and can be seen in such movies as "War Room" and "Changeover", for which she also won "Best Supporting Actress" by the Love International Film Festival in Hollywood, CA. She was nominated twice for "Best Musical Score"  for her moving instrumental compositions with classical undertones.  

Beyond the stage lights and songs, Carrie Marshall's life story unfolds as a testament to resilience, hope, and the transformative power of music. Carrie’s journey took an unexpected turn when she faced the daunting challenges of breast cancer and a traumatic brain injury. These formidable adversities became catalysts for a new perspective—a lens through which she discovered glimmers of hope even in the darkest of moments. Her experiences served as a crucible, shaping her artistic expression and infusing her music with even greater depth and authenticity.

Incorporating these threads of gold from her personal journey into her performances, Carrie has become a beacon of inspiration for her audiences. Her shows transcend the realm of entertainment, offering a unique blend of captivating music and heartfelt storytelling.  Through her artistry, she uplifts spirits, encourages perseverance, and ignites a spark of joy in those who listen.

Carrie Marshall Reviews

Not that many singers can sound sincere and musical in so many moods and styles, or write such thought-provoking and enjoyable songs. Carrie Marshall has created a set of music that is filled with subtle surprises and inner heat. She is a talent well worth following.” - Scott Yanow

LA Jazz Scene

Carrie Marshall has brought the golden age of jazz to a modern audience with Syncopated Gold. Our audiences can’t wait to see her on stage again! ”

— Lizzie Taylor Director of Marketing, Middle C Jazz Club, Charlotte, NC

With Carrie Marshall you can easily detect the influence of the greats, but in the end you will acknowledge her ability to make the songs her own. Her vocal range and intelligent interpretation plant her firmly at the front of the class for today’s performers. ” - Victoria Clegg, Jazz Curator

— O.Henry Hotel Greensboro, North Carolina

Carrie Marshall’s performance is always revealing and intimate and her connection with the audience makes the already fabulous music even more effecting!”

— Lauren Kennedy Brady, Artistic Director, Theatre Raleigh

Carrie is a true professional and a terrific performer. Gathering an eclectic group of talented musicians, she brought the house to a standing ovation with her high energy set. ”

— Christine Sicinski, Program Specialist, The Cary Theater

"Marshall has the unique ability to express her experiences, moods and relationships through her lyrics."” - Kelly Miller

Charlotte Observer

Carrie is a consummate professional. She is wonderful to work with and is a great talent. Nothing but the best when it comes to Carrie Marshall! ”

— - Mark Rapp, Executive Director, ColaJazz Foundation

“Carrie Marshall has a talent for connecting with the audience by using her beautiful voice in such a way that you believe she has lived every word she's singing. “

 ” - John Tosco

— Executive Director, Tosco Music Party

With a voice and style likened to Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Carole King and other great female singer-songwriters, Marshall appeals to a broad audience.” - Kathryn Talton

The Pilot


Carrie's shows are an uplifting celebration of hope, joy and humanity shared through music. She encourages listeners to tap their toes to the beat of their own syncopated rhythm, finding GOLD in even the darkest of places. Her shows are grouped into the four themes : 

  • Twist of Jazz: A Fresh Take on Pop Classics infused with Jazz and Soul  Setlist includes songs by Adele, Dolly Parton, Cyndi Lauper, Amy Winehouse, Norah Jones, the Beatles, The Cure, Genesis and more!
  • Hollywood Gold: A Tribute to 30's and 40's Jazz from the Golden Era of Film  Setlist includes songs by  Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Peggy Lee, Julie London, Frank Sinatra and more!
  • Threads of Gold: A Tapestry of Carrie's Original Songs and Stories  Carrie's original songs written throughout the years (See Carrie's Spotify for sample!)
  • Holiday Gold: A Festive Take on Holiday Classics  All the fun, festive holiday favorites and old Carols, given the jazz and blues treatment!

NEW SHOW OFFERING  for 2025! Sisters in the Name of Song - Carrie is joined by acclaimed Jazz and Blues Artists Maria Howell and Lydia Salett Dudley to create a Harmonic Celebration of Hope, Unity and JOY! Featuring songs by Nina Simone, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, Karen Carpenter, Carole King and MORE!

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