From the recording WAVES

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There once was a little blonde in a pink dress
A perfect hair bow, rose-colored glasses to match
She was full of sunshine
No matter the circumstance
A heart full of love & good intentions, that’s a fact

Seasons came and went, so it happened The little girl got caught in the trappings Of what everybody wanted
What she thought she should be
Playing the Glad Game for everyone to see
Who’s gonna save Pollyanna
Who’s gonna heal her heart
The good girls know there’s no where to go
When their world is falling apart
Who’s gonna save Pollyanna
Everyone thinks she’s fine
She’s pretty, She’s wise
It’s the perfect disguise for sad little Pollyanna

Polly is polishing her bubble
A rainbow of color to cover the troubles
But reality has a way
of leaving messy stains
Bubbles are known for bustin’ in torrential rains (to chorus)

Maybe someday she’ll look inside
Find out it’s really all right
Not to have it all together
No matter what the weather
Just be honest with herself
And let the truth... shine

Just shine, Pollyanna
In the midst of your struggle
In the midst of your pain
Through all of your failures
Your fears and your shame
Just shine, just Shine
Let the truth shine, Pollyanna
And you’ll be just fine