1. Undone

From the recording WAVES

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Horns arranged by Mark Wells


I feel so small
Whenever you’re around me
You stand so tall
There’s no sunlight for me
When I call
Ain’t nobody can hear me
My voice is lost
In your cacophonous sea

I feel so dumb
Whenever you hear me
Your rule of thumb
Like 50 lashes for me
Do I succumb
Like a lamb led to slaughter
I’m undone
No more shady grey for me

Some things are black and white I was made for living color
Some things are right or wrong
Baby, you’re wrong for me
I’m finally letting go
Your ties cannot hold me
Mr. Christian Man
The Truth sets me free

You cannot save me
I can’t save you
You cannot make me
Love you the way you want me to
So here’s to freedom
I’ll take my chance
I ain’t ga-ga for you
Say goodbye to bad romance (to chorus)

Call me old fashioned
If you want my passion
You gotta respect me first