1. Dividing Lines

From the recording WAVES

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I could write you a song
To help us get along
But I’m tired
A lyric or two
To chase away these blues
Cause I’m tired, Oh so tired

Of pretending to be
Someone who just isn’t me
I’m so tired, Oh so tired

I wasn’t trying to lie
I don’t need an alibi
The days and the years just slipped by
They changed me

If you wrote me a poem
Would I feel like I was home
‘Cause I’m tired

I don’t care if it rhymes
Can we fit together sometimes
Aren’t you tired, Sick and tired

Of lines that divide
to spare our egos and pride
aren’t you tired? I’m so tired

Of walls that keep you and me
Trapped, when there is a key
I know you think I’m naive
I’m wide open

So let’s begin
Conversations, awkward and thin
Reach higher
Start anew
See life from your point of view
It inspires

A shift in the status quo
Love and respect can grow
Seeds of change we will sow
If we plant them

Let’s reach past
these dividing lines
Find common ground
Where humanity shines

Let’s reach past
these dividing lines
You and me
Can realign
These Dividing Lines