Emotive vocals & piano with jazz and blues


Waves releasing February 29th!!

Waves is all set to release digitally on LEAP YEAR, February 29th! You can pre-save the album beginning January 31st! 

Next NC show at the Cary Theater!

I'm looking forward to sharing the stage with fellow singer/songwriter Eliot Bronson at The Cary Theater! Many thanks to Six Strings Presents for hosting this songwriter series.  Tickets on sale now.  Click the photo to purchase yours!

Let it Rain!

Hello, Friends! How's the weather, where you are? :-) I am learning so much about just embracing right where I am, whatever that entails...from joy, love and peace to imperfections, fear, struggle. You think we'd learn by now we can't…

Thank you, www.PauseandPlay.com!

I wanted to say a big thank you to pauseandplay.com for featuring my new single, "The Rainy Season" on their website listing new releases! You can check that out by clicking the photo above! 

Carrie Hosting New Music Series!

Carrie is hosting the Moonlight Music Nights, a new music series featuring the area's incredible professional musical artists, at Moonlight Stage Company! This kickoff event highlights not only some of Carrie's signature and new songs, but also  NC Songwriters, Bill…


You know that feeling when really dark, big clouds are moving in, the winds pick up, and you realize there's no way to escape the downpour that's about to happen...you just have to hunker down and go through it?  That…

CHANGEOVER Piano/Vocal Sheet Music Now Available!

Hello, Friends! I've had a few requests now for the sheet music to the title  song I wrote for "CHANGEOVER", so guess what I did over the weekend? lol. This was a long overdue project! Thanks to those who messaged…

Making Waves - Artwork (what?!)

Hey, Friends! So recently in all of my spare time (haha) I've recently discovered painting as a new way to connect to the creative process. What originally began as an experiment in trying to find cheap ways to decorate my…


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Carrie Marshall is a featured artist with the NC Arts Council

Carrie Marshall is a featured artist with the NC Arts Council