emotive vocals and acoustic piano, laced with jazz and blues


"In “Home” she’s created a collection of originals that play like standards. It’s a versatile record that riffs on the Andrews Sisters and Burt Bacharach as well as the contemporary jazz of Diana Krall (minus the brass and smoke) or Norah Jones filtered through 1970s AM pop singers like Carly Simon, Carole King, and pre-“Grease” Olivia Newton John."
- Courtney Devores, Charlotte Observer


Named one of North Carolina’s Top Charlotte Vocalists in 2012 by the Carolina Entertainment Network, singer/songwriter and actor Carrie Marshall has an amazing ability to wrap her heart and voice around a lyric, infusing each song she sings with a power and poignancy. Influenced by jazz, blues, gospel and pop, she has sung at a variety of venues along the east coast, from intimate wine bars to convention centers and sports arenas. She honed her songwriting skills while living in Nashville, where she recorded her album Redemption and worked as a session singer. But it was in North Carolina, where she moved in 2008, that she found her musical niche.


After landing in North Carolina in 2008, Carrie joined forces with several top musicians, performing a blend of her jazz, blues and original music in such notable places as the Democratic National Convention, Knight Theater with the Tosco Music Party, The Blumenthal theater with Jazz Arts Initiative and more.


An award winning songwriter and featured artist with the North Carolina Arts Council, Carrie’s musical influences are intertwined in her original works to create a unique, signature sound that’s sophisticated yet accessible. Carrie has been nominated twice for the musical score and theme song that she composed for the 11 time award winning feature film, “Changeover”. She ended up taking home an award, not for the score, but for Best Supporting Actress at the Love International Film Festival in 2017! In 2014, Carrie was one of ten top finalists in the UK Songwriting Competition and in 2010, Carrie was named the Songwriter of the Year with NC Songwriter’s Co-Op.