Emotive vocals & piano with jazz and blues

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When you can't get to the jazz club, bring the jazz club to you! I'll be live-streaming on Facebook live every Sunday at 5 beginning on July 25th! Join me there or watch later! www.facebook.com/carriemarshallmusic/

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Swanky new venue!

Hey, Friends! Just wanted to give a shout out to Virgin Cigars in Raleigh for the wonderful event they hosted on June 4th as live music returns to the US. I was honored to play at their event with my…


Last month I was thrilled to be able to return to live performance after crazy 2020/21! Both my husband, Estes Tarver and I were guests of Theatre Raleigh's "Living Room Live" show. Ours was their first show where studio…

Newly Released Single! I WILL SING!!

Hey, Everyone!

I've been in the throes of it lately...my latest battle is now breast cancer. Diagnosed 6 weeks after I had Covid-19, I am now in the midst of my chemotherapy treatments. Currently I'm halfway done and Hanging…


Directed by her husband, actor/director Estes Tarver, Carrie put together this video with her fellow jazz songstresses, Maria Howell and Lydia Salett Dudley, along with several North Carolina musicians, to create this inspiring and timely message. VIDEO HERE!    https://youtu.be/TkKLLXZxj1A


Waves CD Review by Scott Yanow

Carrie Marshall is a very versatile singer and songwriter based in North Carolina who has had a wide-ranging career. By the time she was a teenager, she was writing her own songs and lyrics. Since then she has performed frequently…

Waves releasing February 29th!!

Waves is all set to release digitally on LEAP YEAR, February 29th! You can pre-save the album beginning January 31st! 

Next NC show at the Cary Theater!

I'm looking forward to sharing the stage with fellow singer/songwriter Eliot Bronson at The Cary Theater! Many thanks to Six Strings Presents for hosting this songwriter series.  Tickets on sale now.  Click the photo to purchase yours!

Let it Rain!

Hello, Friends! How's the weather, where you are? :-) I am learning so much about just embracing right where I am, whatever that entails...from joy, love and peace to imperfections, fear, struggle. You think we'd learn by now we can't…


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Carrie Marshall is a featured artist with the NC Arts Council

Carrie Marshall is a featured artist with the NC Arts Council