1. Chase the Wind

From the recording Redemption


Music by Todd MacDonald and Carrie Marshall<br />
 Lyrics by Carrie Marshall, 2008<br />
<br />
In the misty dawn the sun still peeks<br />
Behind the window pane<br />
Curtains flutter in the breeze<br />
A prelude to the rain<br />
I jump right out of bed<br />
No time to lose<br />
The weatherman said cloudy skies<br />
And I won’t sing the blues, gonna<br />
<br />
Chorus:<br />
Chase the wind<br />
While my heart’s on the mend<br />
Searching for my rainbow’s end<br />
I’ll chase the wind<br />
Chase the wind<br />
<br />
Alluring as a siren singing on the rocks<br />
I’m like a sailor doomed to follow her<br />
Beautifully she mocks<br />
This elusive breeze is drifting by<br />
Tickles my skin<br />
So I turn to follow it<br />
Here I go again<br />
Here I go again, gonna  (to chorus)<br />
<br />
Bridge:<br />
<br />
In search of sunny skies<br />
No clouds, no rain<br />
Just a quiet place where I can<br />
Lay down all this pain…<br />
Gonna chase the wind…<br />
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