From the recording Redemption

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Vanity of Vanities<br />
Carrie Marshall, Paul Buono, Jeremy Noel, Brandon<br />
<br />
<br />
The sun&rsquo;s rising, breaking the day<br />
We move along in our usual way<br />
Chasing dreams or just getting by<br />
And the sun goes down again<br />
<br />
The rivers run into the sea<br />
We&rsquo;re trying to get where we think we should be<br />
The ocean&rsquo;s full, but the streams still flow<br />
Where they came from they still go, go, go<br />
<br />
CHORUS:<br />
There&rsquo;s nothing new under the sun<br />
What we do, what we do <br />
Has already been done<br />
What has been is what will be<br />
It&rsquo;s vanity of vanities<br />
<br />
To the south a strong wind blows<br />
Back to the north, round and round it goes<br />
Yet we strive to catch the breeze<br />
Faster, harder, brings us to our knees<br />
<br />
BRIDGE:<br />
<br />
Generations come and go<br />
The earth remains <br />
In all our toil<br />
What does man gain<br />
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