1. Rainy Season

From the recording WAVES

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At first the drops fell one by one
I didn’t notice them
I was having too much fun
I never minded clouds now and then

Steadier and steadier the rain came down
A gleam of silver light dancing off the ground
It was cleansing in a way
I was thirsty and unafraid

But still the heavens cried their tears
Louder, harder, revealing secret fears
That I buried all these years
Here comes the rainy season
I hope these storms have a reason
For blowing me about
All these winds of doubt
Must lead somewhere, somewhere

Bring on the rainy season
If I can just keep believing
There’s a purpose to this storm
That somewhere the light is warm
Then bring on the rainy season
Yes, I know I need the rain to grow
But I’m drowning now in my flooded soul
I just want to breathe again
Feel the sunlight on my face

I’ve made a mess of everything
Trying to do what’s right
Don’t mean to pull you in
While I’m fighting for my life (to chorus)

Then bring on the rain
Let it rain
Let the teardrops fall (to chorus)